Winter Cleaning Your Computer (Spring Cleaning Can't Wait!)

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The performance of your computer heavily depends on how well you take care of it. Maintaining a computer's cleanliness can seem like a daunting task if you're unfamiliar with the back-end of a computer's working, but with programs (many built into your computer!) and a few good habits you can master computer cleaning!

Empty That Recycle Bin!
1. This may seem like a silly point, but it's often overlooked. Even though you've deleted a file and sent it to the recycling bin, it's still taking up space! If you leave it for too long you can end up with a lot of dead weight in there!

Run a Disk Defrag
2. This will only work for certain computers, so read here to make sure it'll benefit your computer! Essentially, Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer so you want to make sure you de-frag your disks and hard drives to rearrange fragmented data and make your computer work more effectively! From a Windows computer, simply navigate to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Advanced Tools and let the program run it's course!

Delete Unwanted Files!
3. Photos, programs you downloaded with high hopes of utilizing and more. Delete them! If you feel the need to keep them (ex: important docs and photos) then think about moving them to an external hard drive for safe storage! The longer you have a computer the more files it can accumulate, but it's important t keep it under control!

Run an Anti-Virus Scan Weekly
4. Keep potential threats to your computer at bay! It's important to have an anti-virus program running constantly and it's recommended to do a weekly scan of your computer to make sure nothing is missed. If you suspect it's too late and notice your computer acting strange, contact a professional (that's us!) to have it removed before it wreaks havoc on your precious files!

Clean Up Your Desktop
5. This tip is more for vanity, but setting up a filing system for your desktop (and other documents!) can save you time searching for things you need. Consider writing out a "web" of categories you can sort your files into. Check out some organizing tips here