Internet Scams

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A lot of Internet scams take place without the victim even noticing. You can greatly reduce the chances of being scammed on the Internet if you follow some simple precautions.

What to Look For

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Windows 10

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On July 29, Microsoft will be releasing its latest operating system. Whether you loved or hated Windows 8.1, Windows 10 is set to be a nice balance between new features and a familiar design making it much more user friendly for anyone that will be upgrading.

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There’s a scary new threat in the world of cyber security: ransomware. While most malware tries to steal your personal information or display unwanted advertisements, ransomware goes straight for your wallet. It will scan for all files of a certain type on your computer and make them completely unusable unless you pay their ransom fee. All of your documents, speadsheets, pictures, PDFs, and more are affected by this. If you have a mapped network drive, USB stick, or external hard drive plugged in to the computer it will lock any files on there as well. This means that even if you do back up your data, you might still be at risk.

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