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Acadian Computer Service understands that your business technology needs to empower your team, without headaches or delays. With over 25 years serving the greater Kingston region, we are experts in reliability and security.

Monitored Off-Site Backups

Can your business afford to lose it’s key client data, emails, accounting databases or production data? It doesn’t matter if the cause is accidental deletion, hardware failure or cryptolocker malware. Knowing that even if the worst does happen, your data will not be lost and your team can be back up and running right away is essential for peace of mind.

Backups that can be accessed by your system or remain on location simply are not secure. In the event of a malware infection, flood, fire or malicious action these backups will be easily rendered un-usable.

Using our cloud backup solution, your backups are run, validated and tested automatically. If there is a failure we will proactively reach out and correct the issue ensuring that you always have working data to restore from.

Backups are encrypted during transit and at-rest, never leaving Canada. This strict compliance ensures that your data is not readable by anyone but yourself and cannot be overwritten or deleted even if your systems were compromised.

Our backup solutions can be tailored to any size of business and acts as an invisible safety net to ensure your business can recover from disaster big and small.

Cloud Computing

Managed Services

Let Acadian handle all your IT services for one monthly price. No worrying about surprise costs if an issue occurs. Our staff will remotely monitor your computer systems for issues, test and apply all security updates, back up your data, manage your company mailboxes and more.


Our managed solutions let us know when an issue occurs and repair it often before it even affects the use of your systems!

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Cloud Computing

Business VoIP Systems

VoIP phones are the next big wave in digital communication. No longer are you tethered to an expensive, antique land line. Digital phone systems allows your staff to take calls from anywhere. Simply take your desk phone home and you can take and make calls just like you’re at your desk. Use your cellphone with all the power of your corporate call routing, directory and company caller ID just like your office phone. 

Unlike legacy PBX systems, our unified communication system allows your business to grow, adapt and communicate without limitation. Adding and removing extensions can be done any time. Integrating new ways to communicate with your clients such as SMS, web chat or social media integration is simple, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional land line. 

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