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While some clues to the presence of a virus on your computer may be obvious, your computer might be giving you subtle clues that it’s in danger.

Your Computer is Slower than Normal.

Malware is known to slow down not only your operating system but your internet speed as well as applications. If your computer is running abnormally slow, and a lack of RAM or damaged hardware doesn’t seem to be the culprit, it’s time to consider some serious virus scanning.

Constant Annoying Pop-ups.

If your computer is riddled with unsolicited pop-ups it’s time to worry about Spyware. Not only do they make it difficult to use your computer, but they are often a clue to something more sinister going on in your computer. Spyware or not, don’t click on suspicious pop-ups, don’t answer strange e-mails and use caution when downloading free applications and programs.

People Receive Strange Messages from You That You Didn’t Send

This is a trend that is booming due to the major usage of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter! In this situation, messages or e-mails are being sent from your account without your knowledge. They often contain dangerous links and pose as special offers and deals on anything from designer sunglasses to bogus fundraisers. This is dangerous as we store and send important information to our social media and e-mail accounts. If someone approaches you to say you’ve been sharing strange posts or e-mails (that you don’t recognize) take action IMMEDIATELY. Set strong passwords for your accounts, and log out of all of your accounts on ALL devices.

The internet is still a fairly new technology that grows every day, and the growth of cyber criminals is healthy. Our dependency on the web causes a huge amount of sensitive information to be on the web, so it’s important now more than ever to protect yourself from these sometimes vicious computer infections. If you suspect your computer might be infected, it’s important that you take action immediately or contact a computer service that is knowledgeable in virus protection and extraction.