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The Dangers of Unpatched Computer Systems

Published: July 15, 2019

To leave your computer and its’ apps with their security features out of date is to leave it unpatched. The danger of this is that it leaves your computer and the programs/apps you use open for attack by aggressive e-mail phishing scams posing as programs such as Adobe, QuickTime, Microsoft Office and more.  

Because people are comfortable with big names and especially if they are programs used by the victim, they are likely to open and download the content of these vicious e-mails. 

Often, the attack doesn’t require the victim to download the content attached for the infection to wreak havoc on the computer. Attackers can get into the computer system and steal important information and install “back doors” to return to for further attacks. 

To avoid exploitation of your computer, it’s recommended that you keep your computer systems patched. Often “DIY” patching attempts are not 100% effective due to a lack of the proper knowledge and tools available to properly patch. It’s recommended to contact a computer service professional to provide more accurate patches.