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Kingston’s Data Backup Specialists

At Acadian Computer Service we know what data means to your business. It’s your customer records, your financial records, important files… every aspect of business is impacted by computer systems and the data contained within. The most vulnerable part of a computer system is it’s hard drive as it remains one of the few moving parts in a computer system. Every mechanical drive will wear out over time and eventually fail. Being proactive with replacing mechanical drives can help but also having a backup is vital. Even brand new drives can fail.

Data Recovery Options

We highly advise our clients to ensure proper backups are in place as data recovery is a very complicated process. Drives generally need to be shipped to a special facility where a technician in a clean room will carefully disassemble the drive and attempt to mount the platters in a drive in good mechanical order. Depending on the severity of the failure the cost can end up in the tens of thousands of dollars. Best practice is to ensure you’ve got a recent data backup that can be restored in the event of a failure.

Data Backup Options

We offer several backup options! Our most popular is remote backups in which your system automatically transfers a copy of new data to our secure data center. The backup runs in your downtime so you don’t even need to think about it. Onsite backups are great but don’t protect in the event of theft or a natural disaster. Another popular option is we arrange to pickup a copy of your data and keep it in our secure facility. The data is never on the internet.