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Windows 7 End of Life

Published: September 20, 2019

Released back in 2009, Windows 7 has now been on the market for over a decade! Many homes and businesses are still using this rock solid operating system but as of January 14th 2020 there will be no further security updates provided for Windows 7 by Microsoft. Are you ready for what this means for your business and can you be sure your data will be safe come this deadline?

With the end of support coming for Windows 7 it is essential that these systems be upgraded to a newer operating system. Operating systems require constant updates to protect against newly found security exploits and vulnerabilities. If your business continues to operate its systems using Windows 7 after it is no longer supported, you will be open to many issues discovered after January 1st. This will also lead to less and less software being compatible with the operating system. Your office suites, anti virus software, browsers and other programs will work in the short term but as time passes and you wish to upgrade to the latest versions, Windows 7 will not be compatible anymore.

Microsoft has been continuously updating and adding features and security patches to windows 10 since 2015 and the operating system is now in a very stable, mature state. With Microsoft claiming that they will continue to update the operating system rather than working to release any further operating systems for the foreseeable future. This means that it is a well vetted solution for your business.

Thankfully for homes and businesses on a budget, Microsoft has allowed anyone with a valid Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1 license to upgrade to Windows 10 without any extra licensing fee. This upgrade is usually quite straight forward but especially in the case of business software it is best to first check with your IT provider if the upgrade will interfere with any systems currently in place as well as evaluating if your computer will run Windows 10 satisfactorily rather than being replaced.

Acadian Computer Services has performed hundreds of Windows 10 upgrades in the past few years in preparation for this change. Give our staff a call today and we can make sure that you are ready for this changeover.