When it comes to IT...we're it!

Acadian Computer Service is a locally owned business specializing in computer security, sales and service. Serving the Greater Kingston area for over 20 years, we have built a reputation of honesty and integrity with our clients. You can expect prompt, professional, and reliable service tailored to you and your business needs. We are committed to helping your company succeed by making your technology work for you. Remember when it comes to IT, we’re it!

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Our Services

Onsite and remote computer support

Build a relationship with our dedicated IT technicians with regularly scheduled onsite visits. Or if you prefer, schedule a time for us to log in remotely at your convenience.

Computer sales, leasing, and rentals

We custom build all of our systems with the most reliable parts, tailored to suit your business needs. The warranty is through us, so you won't have to be without it for weeks if something goes wrong. Payment plans and leasing are also available.

Internet security

Keep your equipment up to date with the latest security patches and firmware upgrades. Unpatched computers and networking equipment often have critical security flaws that could leave you vulnerable to security breaches or data theft.

Firewall and VPN configuration

Going on vacation? We can allow you to easily work from home as if you're sitting right in your office. VPN solutions provide a safe, reliable way to access your network from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Network wiring and administration

Do you have cables run all over the place? Does your network seem unusually slow or unreliable? Bad cabling or faulty equipment may be the culprit. We can determine the cause of any bottlenecks or interruption of service and get you working again at full speed.

Managed services

We provide complete IT solutions for businesses that would prefer not to have full-time IT staff. This includes regular maintenance and support on all equipment, as well as budgeting advice, network planning/design/implementation, backup solutions, and security audits.

Data recovery, data archiving, data conversion

What would your business do if it lost all of its data? For many, daily operations would come to a halt. We’ll make sure you have numerous backups, both onsite and offsite, with regular testing to make sure they are reliable. That way, if disaster strikes you can be back up and running as soon as possible.

Antivirus software, virus and malware removal

Keep your computers safe with up to date anti-virus and malware protection. Whether you have 1 or 100 computers, we can monitor their status from one central location. Or if you think you may already be infected, we can use the latest tools to clean your PC and get you back to work.

Video surveillance equipment

24/7 indoor/outdoor surveillance solutions which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, on both PCs and mobile devices.  Our cameras can help with loss prevention, and monitoring your business if you are out of town.

Printers, toner, and ink

Always running out of ink or toner when you need it most? Our monitoring software can alert us when you’re running low so we can order it on your behalf. If you like to keep a surplus of ink/toner on hand, we can provide it – often cheaper than the big box stores.