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Managed Cloud Backup Service

Secure Your Data Against Malicious, Accidental or Natural Loss

Why Cloud Backups Matter

Can your business afford to lose it’s critical client emails, accounting files or production data? How confident are you that your current backup strategy is working and will not be compromised in the event of a malware infection?  

Many businesses think they are protected by having an external hard drive that their file are copied to periodically. Unfortunately, hackers are persistent and any device that is accessible by your systems is also accessible in the event of a security breach. These external drives will also be infected or encrypted as part of the attack leaving you no reliable way to recover. 

Even if your organization never has a security breach, these drives are still effected by fire, flood, theft or simply having the device itself fail. Do you have a process in place to check that the backups are running successfully and that the files can be restored if there were an issue?

Backups That Fit Your Business

How confident are you that your backups contain everything you need to recover from an incident? When is the last time you tested the recovery process?

All backup policies need to be tested and should include keeping remote copies of your data.
Your backup policy should have a list of what services and sources of data are being backed up, where they are being stored, who is responsible for checking and validating them as well as details on how you will restore data if an issue were to occur.   

We will work with you when implementing a cloud backup strategy to make sure all of these details are taken care of and that all your most important data is being backed up. This includes backups of your File Shares, Client Workstations, Accounting Software, Line of Business Tools as well as other cloud services like OneDrive, SharePoint and business email.


Free Backup Consultation

If your business in the Greater Kingston and Napanee Region would like a free security assessment, or would like to get more information on our managed backups services, please give us a call at 613-384-6735 or complete the contact form below.

Managed Cloud Backup Benefits


Data Sovereignty

Backups are sent directly to our office over an encrypted connection. The Storage of these files is also encrypted and the data is never transmitted outside of Canada. This makes sure you’re compliant with all data protection regulations and to make sure your files remain confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties – even us!

Backups Checked Daily

Our technicians monitor and validate all backups every single day to guarantee you will always have a working restore point if the worst were to happen. If there is ever an issue completing a backup or the backup fails our validation tests – our technicians will contact you directly and resolve the issue. You can always rest assured that your backups are not only working, but that the data will be able to be restored if there were ever an issue.

Disaster Recovery

A backup policy and disaster recovery plan that does not include off-site copies of your data is incomplete. All organizations should have an understanding of where their data is stored, what is being backed up, how long the backups are kept for (retention period) and how the restore process will happen in the event of a breach. 

Acadian’s Managed Cloud Backup services remove this guesswork giving you a full disaster recovery policy that will be compatible with your Cyber Liability Insurance policy and is purpose built to fit your unique business requirements.