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Residential IT Support

In-Home / Remote / Walk-In Computer Support


Acadian Computer Service understands the importance of making sure your technology is reliable. With over 25 years serving the greater Kingston region, we are experts in finding solutions that will last. Offering a full suite of in-home or in-office services including computer and laptop repair, network assistance and data recovery; trust us to offer peace of mind for all your IT needs.


Get up and running fast with all work being done guaranteed and performed by certified technicians. Almost all of our repairs are completed same day. No more waiting on devices to be shipped away for repair or waiting days for an appointment!



Laptop & Desktop Repair

Does your battery die quickly or not work at all? Screen broken rendering a perfectly good laptop un-usable?

Acadian Computer Service offers component level repairs for all major brands and models of laptops. All repairs are done in-house with no need to wait for your laptop to be sent away for repair. This means you’ll be back up and running same day!

Cloud Computing

Professional StarLink Internet Setup

StarLink internet is unlocking new ways for many in eastern Ontario residents to communicate. Trust our professional team of fully insured technicians to help install your new system throughout the Greater Kingston, Napanee and Prince Edward County region.

Fast, reliable internet available anywhere with a clear view of the sky.

Cloud Computing

Virus Removal & Support

Do you suspect your system has been infected? With all of the threats in our digital world you can trust Acadian to get your system cleaned and running smoothly.

Browse in confidence using our monitored anti virus software. Our products silently monitor and correct issues without impacting system performance. If an issue does occur we are alerted directly so that we can reach out personally to resolve the issue. No more constant security popups and prompts that can easily be ignored or misinterpreted.

In-Home Support

Are you sick of fighting with IT issues in your home? Wi-Fi that just can’t quite reach your home office, a printer that refuses to print or scan or a system that has slowed down and doesn’t work the way it ought to. 

Acadian Computer Service offers on-site, in-home support. Enjoy a more personal face to face approach for resolving your computer issues. Our technicians have industry standard certifications with years of real world experience. All work performed is guaranteed. 



Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Emergency Data Recovery

Few things are as scary as the thought of losing years of emails, documents and family photos. These precious memories cannot be easily replaced and critical documents can be essential to your family records.

Acadian offers comprehensive data recovery services.
This ranges from fast, cost effective recovery tools that often get clients back up and running on the same day as well as access to clean room environments for more in-depth repairs.

In the very rare event a drive is damaged beyond recovery, there is no cost. All recovery attempts include written pre-approved estimates and timelines so that you not only have peace of mind regarding your data but are protected against unexpected charges.


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