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Business Phone Services Simplified

Unlock Unified Communications Across any Location or Device.

Why Make the Change?

VOIP phone systems are certainly not anything new, but many businesses have held onto their legacy phone systems either due to comfort in using a system they are accustomed to or out of concern of having their phone systems tied to the reliability of their internet connection. With so many remote workforces right now though traditional phone systems just aren’t cutting it. The simple luxury of being able to transfer calls between staff who are not in the same office just isn’t feasible in most traditional phone setups and moving phones to new locations isn’t practical.

With a business VOIP system you retain all the benefits of a professional business phone system but remove location as a limiting factor. As long as staff have a stable internet connection, they can use their phone in the exact same ways that they would in the office environment. These systems are lightning fast to configure and require no physical hardware to be installed, have no limit on maximum numbers of lines and have no upper bounds on concurrent phone calls.

Control Costs

Regardless of if your business is using Bell or Cogeco, using a legacy on-premise PBX device or switching from another VoIP provider – we are confident that our pricing will match or beat your current provider while unlocking a slew of new features and letting your team work from anywhere, from any device.

All features are included in your phone service at no extra cost. You’ll never have to pay extra to unlock new features such as call recordings, mobile app support, advanced reporting features or any traditional PBX feature such as parking, forwarding, conferencing, paging, digital receptionists, hot desking, or any other feature your business relies on.

We’ve installed and supported systems in fast paced retail environments, warehouses, law offices, accounting firms and many other industries. Our systems scale from businesses with only a few employees up to those with hundreds of staff with no surprise costs!

No-Cost Demo Phones

We know no one changes their phone services on a whim. We are so confident that you will love your new service that we are happy to install demo phones for your team to test without canceling or removing your current service. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can improve your business communications and would like a free assessment or demo just give us a call at 613-384-6735 or complete the contact form below.

Benefits of Business VoiP Phone Services


Unified Communications

Our business VoIP service isn’t just for phone calls. We offer a true unified communication system. This integrates SMS, website chat, video chat and messages from your business social media pages so you can communicate with your customers in all new ways at no extra cost!

Unlocked Features

There is never additional costs to unlock extra features for your phone system. Below is just a sample of some of the key features our clients rely on.

  • Unlimited North America Calling
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Desk Phone, iOS, Android, Web and Desktop
  • Digital Receptionist/Interactive Menus
  • Flexible Call Recordings
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Park/Transfer/Forward/Conference/Paging

Extreme Reliability

By migrating phone services to Acadian, you maintain a single point of contact for all your IT needs. Our clients rely on their phone systems to run their business. Downtime and quality mean both losses to productivity and business reputation. With Acadian’s managed VoIP services, we provide cutting edge communication features with industry leading reliability. The carrier we are partnered with to route calls handles 5.5 billion calls per month and has maintained 100% service uptime since 2014.