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Discover the Less-Known Features of Microsoft 365

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Published: April 24, 2024

Discover the Hidden Features of Microsoft 365

Let us Guess: You’ve been using Microsoft 365, maybe for years but you only use it for emails, word documents, excel spreadsheets and maybe a few other tools. Those are all great reasons to have a Microsoft 365 subscription, but most businesses don’t know these licenses they pay for include a huge number of other tools they aren’t making use of.

Let’s dive into some of these under-utilized programs and tools that can help your business operate more efficiently and potentially save money paying for subscriptions for similar services!


Project and Productivity Management With Microsoft Planner

Is your desk overflowing with sticky notes and reminders? Sometimes it feels like you need an extra brain to keep track of all the ongoing orders, quotes and projects! Microsoft Planner is designed to help keep your tasks organized and to keep tabs on deadlines, all while keeping your staff updated on deliverables.  

Think of it like a wall with sticky notes that are distributed across your whole organziation. Everyone has access to review these notes, update their progress and set up alerts to make sure that tasks don’t end up in limbo.  

Not only is this great for organizing projects but it also integrates with Microsoft Teams so you can chat, have meetings and work through problems without adding yet another dashboard or tool to log into.

Eliminate Scheduling Headaches With Microsoft Bookings

Maybe you’re already paying for a paid calendar application like Calendly, maybe you aren’t using anything but constantly deal with frustration trying to get appointments booked and confirmed with clients. 

Microsoft 365 comes with Bookings included at no extra cost! Microsoft Bookings lets you set available times and clients can book their own timeslots without any back-and-forth emails. When an appointment is booked, you’ll receive a notification and your calendar will be updated with the appointment eliminating double bookings. You can even set up ‘departments’ and have appointments distributed across available team members!

Getting The Most From Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams exploded in popularity during the pandemic and many companies use it for their day to day colaboration and commuication platform. If you’re like most companies though, you probably just use it for chats, calls and webinars. There is so much more to Teams that you can unlock through simple configuration changes. It’s a one stop digital office space where everything’s accessible in a single platform – files, meetings, notes, schedules, calendars and more!

Simple Feedback & Surveys With Microsoft Teams

If you’ve ever wanted to run a quick survey or gather feedback, Microsoft Forms should be your first choice. It’s incredibly simple to create surveys, quizzes, polls and more. You’ll gain real time access to responses to make analysis easy!

You’re not limited to simply gathering data though! You can link these responses up to simple automations that use the provided data to populate and send document templates, create approval requests and much more.

Learn How

Now that you know a little bit about some of the tools you may already be paying for, maybe you’re stuck on where you should start. Our technicians are experts with Microsoft 365 – even the lesser-known tools.

Complete the form below, or give us a call at 613-384-6735 and set up a no-obligation business technology review with one of our team. Our goal is to make sure your business benefits from the technology being used rather than finding it a frustration or annoyance. Let us show you how at no cost.