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Keeping up with customers when working from home.

Published: April 13, 2020

The world has changed a lot in the past weeks and with so many employees working from home, good work communication is more important than ever. So many businesses are struggling at the moment to stay in touch with their customers and to work collaboratively from their home offices. While for some businesses email only communication or forwarding incoming calls to a home or cell phone is enough, there is often a better solution that can be used.

One of the ways that Acadian is looking to help is by setting up business VOIP systems for our clients. This can be done without canceling or transferring numbers from your existing provider. If you don’t like the new setup, simply un-forward the number and everything reverts to how it was before. This article is intended to cover some of the features and benefits of using a VOIP system for your workplace. If you are interested in learning more please contact our offices and we’ll go over all the options and find the perfect fit for your business!

Why Business VOIP?

VOIP phone systems are certainly not anything new but many businesses have held onto their legacy phone systems either due to comfort in using a system they are accustomed to or out of concern of having their phone systems tied to the reliability of their internet connection. With so many remote workforces right now though traditional phone systems just aren’t cutting it. The simple luxury of being able to transfer calls between staff who are not in the same office just isn’t feasible in most traditional phone setups and moving phones to new locations isn’t practical.

With a business VOIP system you retain all the benefits of a professional business phone system but remove location as a limiting factor. As long as staff have a stable internet connection at home they can use their phone in the exact same ways that they would in the office environment. These systems are lightning fast to configure and require no physical hardware to be installed, have no limit on maximum numbers of lines and have no upper bounds on concurrent phone calls.

What About Features?

We are thrilled to be able to offer every feature you’d expect from a professional business phone system without the expensive physical setup required. Unlimited extensions, high quality voice, voicemail to email, call transfers, call parking, call conferencing, call groups and queues, fax support, extension directories and automated attendants are just scratching the surface on what can be configured. We’re able to have a new business phone system up and running in hours in parallel to your current system. These extensions can be used on your mobile device, computer or using a wide variety of IP phones to fit your business needs.

For rapid low cost implementation we can set up a phone system in mere hours in parallel to your existing configuration. Simply forward the line and your staff will be able to work immediately using their existing cellphones. Incoming calls can be routed however you would like, calls can be transferred between staff with ease and outbound calls with use your companies proper call display. This parallel setup can be used as long as needed until you are satisfied with the reliability and quality of service at which point we will set you up with desk phones and port your existing phone lines to the new service.

What About Cost?

With a traditional business phone system you will have to purchase a PBX to handle all functionality like automated attendants, extensions and per line voicemails. These devices have limits on the maximum number of extensions they support and only have a limited support lifespan. In many cases these PBX devices can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and set up. With a cloud hosted VOIP system there is no physical equipment for you to purchase or maintain. As your business grows and changes you simply pay for the lines you want to use and can grow or shrink your services at any time with no penalties. The vast majority of customers will spend less on a business VOIP system compared to a traditional setup. Even while saving money they will unlock dozens of new features that their old system couldn’t support. Every business’ needs are different though and we encourage you to call our offices for personalized pricing.